Rotary Presentation

Hi Folks,

This is the first time that I have tried to do this, but the PowerPoint presentation shown below, is the what I presented to the Loudonville Rotary yesterday (July 13th 2017).

To view the slide show, Click on the “Forward” or “Back” arrows located below the PowerPoint window.

If you are interested in my educational process in PowerPoint, please let me know if you have issues with the “Slideshow”. Maybe I can fix it.

One more thing, there is no audio with this presentation.

Thanks to all of you that attended yesterday’s Rotary Meeting,



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A New Challenge- – – -Messing with the Rotarians

I’ve been asked to share my experiences on the Appalachian Trail with the Loudonville Rotary Club. I tried to tell the fellow that invited me to speak that I “mumble, only tell the truth half the time, and distort it the other half, but he seemed to think that I would fit right in.

So I assembled my first “PowerPoint Presentation”, tested it at the Loudonville Library today, and I’m going to Rotary this Thursday, July 13th, to present it. If it goes well I’ll try to publish it here on my Walker’s Walk-Abouts Newsletter, but I don’t know if that is even possible.

We’ll See How This Works Out,


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 I have been dealing with what I believe to be a case of “Sciatica”, based on information I got from the online source listed above. (yesterday I didn’t kno’ how to spell docter, now I R 1) So as a result I have not been walking as much.

However, today, I was back in the Mohican Forest and took some of the following photos:

This picture of a Tulip Tree in bloom was taken in mid-May. The blooms have now been replaced with this.

These are the beginnings of seed pods. I’m interested to see how they mature.

I also photographed the following:

Buckeye Bloom

Royal Sumac

It Looks Like A Good Year For Chestnuts!!!

All-in-all it was a Great Walk,

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The Tree

In late April this year, while I was on the AT in Georgia, there was a storm in Loudonville that split a one hundred and twenty year old tree that is in the front of my house.

That trunk to the right of this picture was once about fifteen feet higher up on the trunk to the left.

Here are a couple of other photos of the same tree taken after the storm by our local photographer, “Flash Byerly”


This has created a situation that requires that the rest of the tree be removed.

However- – – – -, if I have only the upper branches removed, along with the upper section of the trunk, (I believe that the upper section might be hollow) I think that there might be a sculpture inside the remaining 10 or 12 feet of the trunk.

So – – – – -,

All I will need is a chainsaw, my “Swiss Army Knife”, and a bit of sandpaper.

This might be a long Summer,

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I’ll Be Showing My Sculptures at the Mill

Hi Folks,

Just a heads-up!!! I’ll be displaying some of my Sculptures inside the Wolf Creek Grist Mill on June 10th 2017.

See You At The Mill,

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Look What I Found!!!

I was wandering around the North Rim in the Mohican Forest the other day and came across this site on the cliffs overlooking the river

Beyond the edge of the rocks in the lower left corner of the picture, the cliff drops off at least another 100 feet down to the river. The rock outcropping on the right of the picture rises upwards another 30 feet or so to the top of the hill. There is only one way onto this “ledge” and that is from the point of view of this picture. (Assuming you aren’t into climbing the cliff.)

I have been looking for a place to check out the stars and this could be it. The lights of Loudonville will be behind the outcropping, and the lights of Columbus will be eighty miles away and to the left.           So- – – – , , ,

if I camp here during a “new moon”, don’t have a campfire, sit with my back against the tree to the right, and look to the south-west, I should see a lot of stars.

The only issue will be I’ll need to wait until the leaves are off the trees. So now picture this same area with no leaves on the trees, a cold wind blowing in from the south-west, and a night in November.

I probably will need to dress a little warmer,


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Moose in the Woods

The other day I was sitting at McDonald’s in Loudonville, having coffee with the “Liars Club”, when I saw this Moose amoung the trees, right at the edge of the woods.

Do You See It!!!!!

How about now?

It’s not what you look at that counts

It’s what you see—Thoreau

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