Let’s Get Started!!! (First Post)

Hi Folks,

It’s still winter for all practical purposes here in Loudonville, Ohio, however, the “Red-wing Blackbird Scouts” (1st year males) have returned to the reed beds where they were hatched last year, Killdeers are back from the south and are scolding me as I walk by on the way to the Mohican State Park, and the “Bald Eagles” are pairing up, and are flying in close formation at tree-top level.

The Aconites, Snowdrops, and Crocus are blooming in the gardens around the house, and despite the cold, I have been averaging over 10 miles per day on my walks that usually occur during the first three or four hours of my morning.

I have been maintaining that 10 miles per day for almost a year, and the reason I’m telling you all of this is that on April 14, 2017, I will be going to Amicalola State Park in Georgia, and on the 15th will starting to walk north on the Appalachian Trail. The plan is to walk for about 4 hours in the morning, stop for lunch, then do the same in the afternoon for a total of 20 miles each day. If I can do this I’ll be in Marion, Virginia sometime in mid-May. That’s something over 500 miles, and is the short-term goal for this year. This is not to say I might not continue if things are going well, but is just how far I want to travel by mid-May.

I’ll be publishing this Newsletter/Blog on a weekly basis to keep you all up to date. If you would like to “Subscribe” at no cost to you, just enter a user name and your e-mail in the box on the right and you’ll be notified whenever I “Post”.


About The Western Artist

This is the site of "The Western Artist's Newsletter. I use it to track the progress of the Art that I am currently creating. The typical Newsletter publishes once or twice a month, depending of how creative I am at any given time.
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