Getting Prepared for the AT

Hi Folks,

The plan was to wait until April to buy my hiking shoes for the AT, however, my current Dockers collapsed much earlier than I expected.

Just thought that you might be interested in this pair of Dockers Hiking Boots. This wear occurred after less than 59 days (less than 2 months) of walking that covered only 440 miles. That might seem like a lot, but the Appalachian Trail is approximately 2200 miles, which means that I would need 5 pairs of hiking shoes to walk the entire trail, and a sixth pair to wear home because all of the others would be worn out.

I contacted Dockers about the rapid wear on these shoes, and their response was, that although they agreed that the shoes had worn out too fast, they wouldn’t replace them because I had purchased them in a discount store. I pointed out to them that the discount store had not engineered them, manufactured them, or inspected them for quality, but Dockers would not stand behind their product.

Wow!!!! I really feel better getting that off my chest!

So I did some research and and spoke with a fellow that walked the AT last year. He told me that he wore a pair of Oboz Hikers and they lasted him from Georgia until well into Massachusetts. So a week or so ago, I ordered a pair;

and today they came in the mail. These things are are a thing of beauty! I paid more for them then I did for my first automobile, but they are great!


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