Springer Mountain and the Official Start of the AT

Hi Folks,

Judy just dropped me off in the parking lot which is about a mile below the peak of Springer Mountain. The plan now is to walk up to the peak and the beginning of the trail. Once I get to the peak I’ll then begin to walk North on the Appalachian Trail.

I made it!!!

The top of Springer has a Shelter, an approach trail from Amicalola Falls, this great plaque on the rock, a very helpful “Forestry Ranger” who took this picture and helped adjust the shoulder straps on my backpack, and at this particular moment in time, there is also this extremely good-looking fellow standing along side the plaque.

Now it was time to begin the walk, so I began to retrace the same path that had lead me to the top of Springer Mountain.

A good friend of mine who is familiar with these mountains, had told me before I left Ohio, “The downhill part is the worst.”

In my case, the readjustment of my pack on the summit which pitched my body forward, the rocky path, and the great panorama of mountains to my left that had taken my mind off the trail, led to me stumbling over something in the path.

I fell forward, sprained my right knee, banged up my left knee along with my right elbow, dented my nose, the forty pound backpack had slid up and forward, and was holding my head down in the crevice of a couple of rocks, and worse, My Hat Was Bent!!!

See the dent???

There was nobody around so after laying there for a few moments, and deciding that I was not dead, I wiggled out of my backpack, stood up slowly, put my pack back on and continued on down the path.

I was a bit distraught, upset, and perturbed, but then I looked around,


And Things Got Better!!!


About The Western Artist

This is the site of "The Western Artist's Newsletter. I use it to track the progress of the Art that I am currently creating. The typical Newsletter publishes once or twice a month, depending of how creative I am at any given time.
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4 Responses to Springer Mountain and the Official Start of the AT

  1. Lisa Clark says:

    Safe travels……………. you’ve got this BOB STRONG!


  2. Tina Vargo-Pitner says:

    Mr. Walker,
    This is Tina Vargo, Cassandra’s friend in school. I remember I practically grew up at your house. I also remember how artistic and fun you were and made my childhood interesting with found memories. I’m happy to know you are fulfilling your dreams, first you art gallery, and to tackle this journey. Keep on Walking.


  3. Tina Vargo-Pitner says:

    Hello Mr. Walker
    I’m so happy you remember me.
    I remember that trip to the ocean and the walk on the beach after dinner to collect shells. I also remember a time on the farm when you were clearing brush and we were (helping) when I took a flying trip on a branch. You were so concerned I was hurt and I thought it was fun flying through the air.
    I hope some day soon I get to see you again. I live in Flushing, Ohio. I want to make a trip to your gallery also.
    Tina Vargo-Pitner


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