Hawk Mountain

It rained last night. The tent worked well, kept the water out, away from my sleeping bag, and me. However, the blue tarp that I had under the tent, actually allowed the water that fell on it, along with leaf litter from the forest floor, to run under the edges of the tent and got my backpack, shoes, and everything else that was sitting on it soaked.

It’s really not a big deal, but a learning experience that taught me to keep the “Tarp under the rain-fly, and keep your gear warm and dry”.   (That is one of the dumbest things that I’ve said, but with senility you take what you get.)

I broke camp, and moved up the trail toward Hawk Mountain. It was only a couple of miles up the Trail, but the showers where continuing off and on, and my sprained knee was giving me some issues.

When I arrived at the shelter it was already after 1:00 PM so I fixed breakfast (It had been raining when I broke camp and I had decided to wait). A couple of hikers that had cell phone coverage came through and advised me that the weather report was calling for more rain, and there would be thunderstorms tonight.

With that in mind I decided to spread out my wet gear in the shelter and let it dry out a bit, stay in the shelter overnight, and just explore around the local shelter for the rest of the day.

Having made that executive decision, I staked out a claim to the corner of the shelter that is right behind the near wall you see in the picture, blew up my air mattress, spread out my sleeping bag (which was dry), as much of my other stuff as I could (which was not), took 3 Ibuprofen, and curled up for a nap.

And that’s all I’ve got to say about that,


About The Western Artist

This is the site of "The Western Artist's Newsletter. I use it to track the progress of the Art that I am currently creating. The typical Newsletter publishes once or twice a month, depending of how creative I am at any given time.
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