Onward to Sassafras Mountain

It is still raining a bit after the storms last night, but it finally cleared at about 10:00 AM. I’m leaving the Hawk Mountain Shelter and beginning the climb up Sassafras Mountain. First a dip down to High Tower Gap,

Then up Sassafras Mountain, and on to Coopers Gap. Pete, the Trail Ambassador at Hawk Mountain, told me that hike up Sassafras was pretty steep, and there was no water until Coopers Gap, so I filled a couple of 32 oz containers at the spring.


The Trail is “pretty steep” as Pete said, but it is absolutely beautiful! I need to stop and rest every few hundred feet, but this is worth it .

Notice how the farther I get up the mountain the less the foliage is out.

On the way up the mountain, I’ve seen columbines, may apples, iris, jack-in-the-pulpit, trillium, blood root, soloman seal, and toadshade that covers acres of forest floor. Check these out:


This has been a great day, but my interest in my surroundings is greater than my sense of time. I am beginning to run out of daylight again. At least the rain has stopped. None-the-less, I’ll keep the “Tarp Under The Tent”.

Talk to you again tomorrow,


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1 Response to Onward to Sassafras Mountain

  1. Lisa Clark says:

    Safe travels on your journey
    Awesome pics the trail looks nice
    Prayers for your safe return


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