Mohican Forest – Early May

Hi Folks,

It’s Spring in the Mohican Forest and I’ve been recording it this week.

First a comparison of the walk that I enter into the forest most mornings:

You could probably have figured out which season was represented in which picture, but I didn’t want to take any chances.

On the north side of Campground A are swaths of color created by these Camassia Lilies:

And this yellow beauty (I’m not familiar with this one, but maybe one of you could shed some light.)

The following pictures were taken on the North Rim Trail Bike Trail which runs from Camp Ground A to the Covered Bridge and then back along the south side of the river.


I’m looking at this area as a potential star gazing campsite during one of the “New Moons” this summer. It’s facing the south-west, so the ambient light level at night should be low. We’ll see.

I was walking in this area on Tuesday when I ran across these “Little Guys” hiding in this tree. The story I get from the “Locals” is that there was some sort of event a few years ago where a number of “Caches” were hidden all over the area, and the object for the participants was to find them. This one is so far back in the forest it must have been a real challenge.

The rest of the story is that this is also where the knee that I injured on the AT suddenly went out, and I had to call my friend, Ted Byerly to drive out and rescue me after I limped to a nearby road. However, I took some Ibuprofen and rested the knee overnight and I was out walking the next day.

Getting Old Ain’t For Sissies, (George Burns)

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