October’s Here, and I Thought I’d Better Touch Base With You.

I’ve been working on “The Bear Tree”  for over a month now and it’s coming along fairly well, but on Saturday my wife and I decided we needed to get away for a day.

We went to Hocking Hills State Park, which is just south of Columbus, near the town of Logan.

We started walking at “Conkle’s Hollow”

The walk is easy, because you’re walking at the base of some really spectacular cliffs that rise up above you as you walk deeper into the hollow.

Here is a picture of my wife to give you some idea of the size of these cliffs.

We left Conkle’s Hollow at about noon and traveled 3 or 4 miles to “Rock House which is another stop on the trail.

The trail is a bit steeper, but if you’re up to the task it’d definitely worth the hike.

Perhaps Much Steeper!

However once you get to, and enter “Rock House”, you’re in for a spectacular experience.

 The ceilings are 50 or 60 feet high in some areas and the house is over a hundred feet long. There are several entrances coming in, so although it has the feel of a cave it is fairly well lighted. (No artificial light.)

It was late afternoon by the time we exited “Rock House” so we decided to travel about ten miles to “Lake Hope State Park” and had lunch in the Lodge.

The Lodge overlooks Lake Hope and there is a great view of the Lake from the balcony.

Judy and I both had a Grilled Veggie Salad, which was great, spent some time checking out the lake,

and headed for home.

We really had a great Day,


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This is the site of "The Emerging Artist's Newsletter. I use it to track the progress of the Art that I am currently creating. The typical Newsletter publishes once or twice a month, depending of how creative I am at any given time.
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