My Birthday Hike

Hi Folks,

I just finished up my 80th year a couple of days ago, and decided to celebrate by taking a 20 mile hike through the Mohican State Forest near Loudonville, Ohio.

I started from home,

and hiked to “Campground A” in the Mohican State Forest

It’s October so there are a lot of “Ghosties and Ghoulies” at “Campground A.”

Then I walked along the “Clearfork”

to “Campground “B” and crossed the “Covered Bridge”.

Then down/up/over/through “Hog Hollow”,

until I arrived at the “Fire Tower”.

Wisdom is not really a strong suite in the Walker family, so I decided to climb the thing.

From the top—-

There was this way,

and that way,

but mostly—DOWN!!!

I had this map that I had found back in “Campground “B”

And the “Red Line” was the route I had followed up until now, however as I followed the arrow leaving the “Fire Tower”, I managed to lose the trail. I wandered around the woods somewhere along the south rim of the “Hemlock Gorge” for awhile, and found the “Gorge Overlook”.

Wandered a lot more, and finally found State Route 97, which borders the Mohican State Forest on the south side. I decided I’d had enough adventure  for one day, so I followed the highway back home, stopping at Trail’s End Pizza south of Loudonville on State Route 3 for their chicken basket and a beer.)

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

The whole hike was 18.6 miles, just a bit short of the 20 I was planning, but—- close enough,



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