Hi Folks, I’m Back- – – – !!!

I’ve been busy for the last several months. The Stonewall Gallery is no more, and I now live in Sugarcreek, Ohio. I have a booth (Booth #37) at the Alley Cats Marketplace ( https://www.alleycatsmarketplace.com/ )in New Philadelphia, Ohio, and much of my art is being shown there.

However, that is for another day. My walking is now in and around Sugarcreek, and through the Amish Country surrounding it. There is some great places to hike, and at this point my favorite is the Ohio Erie Canal, starting just outside Zoar and ending at Fort Laurens a few miles away.  Check it out below.

Historic Fort Laurens
Fort Laurens was built as a strategic location for staging an attack on the British at Fort Detroit during the American Revolution. From November 1778 to August 1779, there were many twists and turns to the story of Fort Laurens. Twenty one soldiers perished before the fort was abandoned.
Today’s visitors can walk the grounds and see the fort’s original outline. A small museum pays tribute to the “frontier soldier” through video and artifacts excavated onsite. Memorializing all unknown casualties of the Revolution, Fort Laurens’ Tomb of the Unknown Patriot is the final resting place of one of the fort’s soldiers who are unable to be identified.
Stop by to learn about the Fight for Independence on the Ohio frontier! We recommend planning about an hour for your visit.

Hopefully, I’ll be getting a bit more active with this blog, as I get a bit more organized. My new website is almost ready for primetime http://www.emergingartist.com and I’m beginning to get a few sales at the Alley Cats.


About The Late Emerging Artist

This is the site of "The Emerging Artist's Newsletter. I use it to track the progress of the Art that I am currently creating. The typical Newsletter publishes once or twice a month, depending of how creative I am at any given time.
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1 Response to Hi Folks, I’m Back- – – – !!!

  1. Lisa Clark says:

    Good to hear from you And that you are doing good I was wondering where you were I hadn’t seen you walking by the Mohican Little Brown Inn In a very long time Good Luck!!! Lisa

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